Website Design and Development

Custom Design

Our professional graphic design team incorporates your brand with your business model to help your website effectively monetize your offer/goal while standing out from your competitors.


Brand Consistency

We layer your branding into every piece of work we do for your business. Most importantly we keep the brand  (the look, feel, and image) consistent throughout all of your creative assets.

Open Graph Protocol

Open Graph is what the major social networks use to pull the link image, link title, and link description that displays when someone shares that webpage to the social media platform. We design a custom share image, title, and description for each page of the website. This makes your brand look its best and ensures the share image is always correctly sized on all of the social sites.

Social Media Follow & Share Integration

Custom branded social sharing and social following buttons/integrations are included. These match your branding and help to grow your following.

Advanced Functionality

Call-to-actions, sliders, content forms, full-width layouts, email subscription forms, video sliders, countdown timers, and more… Your content will be built to convert with our advanced modules and layout. 

Fully Responsive

Responsive websites reformat the webpage to display based off of the device viewing it. Google has begun penalizing websites without a “mobile-ready” layout by lowering where it shows in the search results. 

3 Unique Layouts

Digital Brick builds unique layouts for desktop, tablet, and mobile. Each design, layout, and even functionality is unique for the device that will be viewing it. This ensures each webpage is always focused on the ultimate goal it has to your website and business as a whole. 

Website Examples

Copywriting Assistance

Minor Copywriting Editing

While we ask for business owners to provide us as much content about their business as possible, we specialize in helping them format and present that content to maximize its impactfulness and/or effectiveness. There is a science to how information should be presented on a webpage. We guide your content and info against these rules to bring your business’s story to life.


Backstory, Knowledge, Expertise and Your USP

We will revise and rewrite your personal (if applicable) and company backstory to help solidify customer trust. This is best done by positioning your personal or business’s knowledge and expertise. We will assist you in setting a clear and concise USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that will help structure all sales pages.

Headlines & Subheadlines

We write powerful and effective headlines and subheadlines to grab and hold the reader’s attention.


Sales page copywriting will be pleasant to the eye,  digestible, and structured via “sales science”. All sales page copy is written from a benefit-positioned point of view, focusing on what the customer most cares about and the biggest reason they choose to purchase one product over another. 

USP & Competitive Advantage

We will revise and rewrite your personal (if applicable) and company backstory to help solidify customer trust. This is best done by positioning your personal or business’s knowledge and expertise. We will assist you in setting a clear and concise USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that will help structure all sales pages.

Domain Management

12 Month Domain Registration

We will register an agreed upon domain name (base cost extension) for the business through Google Domains. There are a ton of features Google includes for free including domain privacy and permissions sharing. 


Full DNS Management

Because we can be added through permissions to the domain we can handle any DNS settings that need to be setup. This includes setting the A record to point to our servers (where your website is housed), managing any TXT records (usually for verification – ex. Facebook & Google site verifications), CNAME records (ex. Sending Stripe payment emails from your domain instead of Stripe.com), DKIM & SPF Authentication (ex. Authentication for email/CRM services so your email marketing doesn’t go to the spam folder), and anything else that can come up. 

Up to 100 Email Addresses @ Your Domain (Google Domains Only)

Google Domains allows for up to 100 forwarded email addresses with each domain. Digital Brick walks you and your team through connecting the forwarded domain email address to a current gmail account to make a full alias connected to the gmail. This allows you to automatically respond to an email as the account that was emailed by the sender. More importantly a full alias connection allows you to click a dropdown menu and select the email account you wish to send an email as. You can connect as many as you need and manage them all in one place. 

Advanced Site Management

(Maintenance, Updates, Security & Hosting)

Email Marketing & Automation

We will setup and integrate our partner email platform, MailerLite. Website visitors will be able to signup for regular updates, newsletters, etc. that you send them. We will also fully set up the MailerLite account including all domain verification and authentication. The MailerLite platform also allows for complete automation so you can send a single email or a series of emails based on a user’s action, timeframe, list segment, birthday or anniversary, and tons more.

You will have full access and login credentials to MailerLite via your own account. Digital Brick will also be connected to the account via our own login credentials. This helps us assist you if you get stuck or need help or if you upgrade your email service with our done-for-you package down the line. We will also provide screenshots and screencast walk-throughs on _______’s Team site.

FB Messenger/Website Integration

We can create an integration between the website and FB messenger. This connection can serve as a very effective communication tool. In its simplest form, it is a powerful live chat application that connects web visitors needing help, with the business’s FB admin/managers, via the Messenger Mobile app. This lets you respond literally anywhere. We set up your FB page, domain, website and Messenger chatbot with a custom message, branded color and style, as well as provide a tutorial so you know how to use it.

Custom Team (Support) SIte

We will create a simple Team/Support site with screenshots and screencasts that walk you through some of the pieces you would like to handle yourself to make using them simple and user friendly. These will be unique to your business and are created as needed based on what you want to do yourself and what you want to know how to do. We are also available via phone, text and email any day of the week, with an average response time under 2 hours.

Backend Access with Support Service

Upload your website content through WordPress’s basic interface. Digital Brick sets templates that auto-apply to the page or post so your content is still beautifully styled on the front end. No design skills necessary. We even walk you through how to upload content via screencast videos, bullet-pointed screenshots and, 1-on-1 virtual training sessions. We also provide full service support so if you make a mistake, have a glitch, or want to change an edit or workflow you just contact us directly and we make it happen.

Ramp Up Period

(If packaged with any website design or redesign) Includes 12 months of Digital Brick’s Advanced Management package (a $??? Value).

Site Map Submissions

We submit your sitemap to all the search engines monthly. This helps your site rank high in the search engine results.

Advanced Security

Websites today are under attack more than you realize. Our security features protect you from spam,  malware, brute force attacks, site injections, and more.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL Certificate

Google has made it imperative that all websites move to https:// instead of http://. They have begun to penalize websites in the search results. We include a basic SSL certificate so your site is always secure and up to date.

Daily Backups

Your site/content/hard work is always safe. We automatically backup your site to a unique server twice a month.

1 Hour Content Updates/Month

This can be an update of existing website content or used to launch new web content. You simply provide us with the web copy (wording) and any imagery you would like used for web pages, events, etc;  and we handle building it on the website. Turnaround time is typically under 24 hours.

A/B Split Testing

We will A/B split test any sales page from headlines to call-to-actions. This guarantees you are always improving your content for conversions.

Custom Platform Upgrades

As our platform releases new features and functionality we automatically integrate them to your site. This ensures your site is always one of the most modern websites online.

Google Search Console

We verify your domain with Google Search Console which helps you rank higher in the search engines.


Google Analytics Setup & Verification

We set up Google Analytics and verify your website. This provides you in-depth statistics about how your website is performing in the search engines and how your visitors are using your site so it can be optimized for maximum performance.


Superior Servers

Our servers are the fastest online and provide 99.9% uptime.


CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Your site always loads at lightning speed with our CDN which uses servers around the globe to serve locally saved versions of your content.


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